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4 min readDec 29, 2021

Adventure into the Metaverse with Orbit

Orbit Metaverse is not only an entertaining game with cultural value but also a platform for new and timeless experiences. The development team realizes that if it just stops at the normal interaction among players in the Gameplay, it will no longer be fascinating at some point, so creating a complete Metaverse is necessary and in line with current social trends.

After the end of the journey through space to ancient civilizations from the previous series of games, a portal of time will open to bring members to the new world in the future in 2013. Here, the community lives, works, participates in social activities and fights to protect the achievements earned. Each planet will be a different environment and rules, they can immerse themselves in unlimited creativity. Anyone can build their own world from infrastructure, set their own rules, or even rebuild ancient civilizations. Most of all, each planet is unique that no one can change or copy.

In the proposed development roadmap, Orbit Metaverse will integrate virtual reality technology devices such as VR/AR to form a first-place perspective. This gives participants the most authentic experience, when they can see, touch, hear, interact with others and their surroundings.

What does the Orbit World include?

Orbit world is a realistic simulation of a new world with great scientific and technical advances. There are 6 planets: Moon, Time, Mega Z, Monster, Forest, Mineral waiting to be discovered, each planet will be a different environment and scenery with resources that can be explored. 7th Planet — Meta Space will be a place for members to use the resources obtained to build their own world. The space departure station with spaceships will be the place of transit for all members to travel to the planets.

In this world, players can cooperate with other players to calculate the time, plan the journey and form a team to conquer and discover rare items typical of each planet, protect and bring them back to build their own world. A variety of personalities and gameplay of real-life members are freely shown here.

For those who are creative, this will be a fertile ground for them to create unique NFT products through the Creator Deck platform. NFT owners can retain development and change the landscape of their own world or can sell them on Space Market, which will be a place of trade among planets with thousands of NFT equipment and items, etc. with 3D graphics, it will definitely be the destination for all members to express their lifestyle separately.

Let’s imagine that when you participate in the Metaverse, you can travel to any civilization or planet in a blink of an eye. A breakthrough in the promising development roadmap that Orbit Metaverse is making.

Orbit Token’s usage

OBM is the main token for the entire Orbit Metaverse project. It will be used for the following purposes:

  • Payment: OBM is used to trade NFTs and means of payment for various activities.
  • Minting: Opening random NFTs by locking OBM..
  • Staking: Earning more OBM by staking on Orbit Metaverse.
  • Farming: Exploiting NFTs by stake OBM.

About Orbit Metaverse
Orbit Metaverse is a diverse game ecosystem built on Blockchain with a new development direction of Create-to-Earn, where players can travel back to ancient civilizations and then open a time portal to the future in 3013. In Orbit Metaverse, players will have multiple sources of income from overcoming in-game challenges, creating NFTs and selling them, or becoming a game publisher and getting revenue sharing back.

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Orbit Meta

is a role-playing game for hunters and archaeologists to embark on an adventurous journey to find treasure and discover more about mankind’s civilizations.