Introducing Orbit Metaverse — a fascinating role-playing game for treasure hunters and archaeologists

Orbit Meta
5 min readDec 10, 2021


Orbit Metaverse is a visual technology game project that integrates NFT and Blockchain.

Blockchain games have emerged to be the hottest trend in the crypto circle recently with a massive number of projects belonging to this category. Thus, users have more choices and only quality projects with complex features and dedication can compete and last long. Advised by Titans Ventures — a leading crypto incubator, with an all-star team and attractive traits, Orbit Metaverse promises to be the next “big bang” in the blockchain gaming sector.

About Orbit Metaverse

Orbit Metaverse is a role-playing game for treasure hunters and archaeologists who want to go on an exciting quest to uncover a treasure and learn more about mankind’s once-famous civilizations. The game is built on Binance Smart Chain technology (BSC/BEP20) platform. To support P2P peer-to-peer transactions and service the Play to Earn (P2E) mechanism, in-game objects are encrypted in NFT format. The game Orbit Metaverse offers a basic yet appealing gameplay that is ideal for players of all ages, and it also needs players to brainstorm in order to find a variety of priceless gems. These are the major advantages that make the game so appealing.

When indulging in the game, users can feel the magic of Orbit Meta Project, experience and live in those ancient civilizations. This is where you can connect past and present, and restore virtual ancient civilizations.

Plot of the story

Orbit Metaverse stands out from the very beginning with its distinguished and fascinating game story. In recent years, when science and technology have merged in daily life, a topic that has always been appealed and mentioned is the origin of mankind, human ancestors, and early civilization. Since when was it formed? Did we really evolve according to Darwinism, or is there some other reason?

Vincent — is a representative of the young generation who wants to find the origin of humanity, has made his journey through the ages, finding answers to questions obscured by the dust of time. Suddenly one day when he arrived home, opened the treasure chest, he found the last remaining god of one of the 7 civilizations, and the guardian of the 5 space stones. But one of the 5 stones is stolen by a person from the future. Vincent decided to go back to the ancient world with Odin, go to the 5 Orbit civilizations to collect 5 Orbit stones, opening the time portal to year 3013.

Apart from the complex plot designed for players, game items and marketplace are also a competitive point for this game. Orbit Metaverse items are various and divided into 2 main groups: player support items and items collected when playing rounds. These items are diversified and will provide a unique experience to players.


Orbit token is the Orbit Metaverse’s governance token, issued on Binance Smart Chain.

The entire quantity of Orbit tokens is 1,000,000,000, with the following use cases: play for coins (P2E) and events, pay to mint NFTs, and play. Players may also earn their Orbit tokens by engaging on other ecosystem platforms.

Value of rewards received and Play-to-earn model

Orbit Metaverse items will have two main groups of items: Group of player support items and Group of items collected when playing rounds.

Users must complete all the tasks to receive the rewards in the game.They can experience entertainment with the game, and generate additional income through the P2E mechanism. The bonus items include many different types that can be used in the game or traded in the form of NFTs, to convert to ORBIT TOKEN or other currencies on BSC.

Team & Advisor

The Founding and Product team have around 100 full-time developers, blockchain engineers, game designers, Graphic Designers, and more. We are all based in Vietnam, working full-time, trying to drive the best and long-term products to the market. The team have the background from Vinagame, Gameloft, Wolffun Game Studio, FPT University, Senspark Game Company, HD Entertainment, Mystic Game Studio, etc.

Main Advisor

Orbit has announced Titans Ventures as one of our official advisors. Founded in Q4, 2020, Titans Ventures is a legal entity in Vietnam working in the Blockchain Investment Field with an investment portfolio of over 250 projects and a network of 12+ communities with around 250,000 members.


Orbit Metaverse has clear plans for the future, as can be seen in their detailed roadmap here:

Orbit Metaverse, even though at its early stage, shows great potential to be a game-changing project in the crypto circle. With the consultancy and support from its strategic advisor, Titans Ventures and the strong team, Orbit Metaverse promises to impress gamers, who are ready for an adventurous journey. Stay tuned for more updates from this project, and be ready to be an early adopter!

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Orbit Meta

is a role-playing game for hunters and archaeologists to embark on an adventurous journey to find treasure and discover more about mankind’s civilizations.