Orbit Metaverse x Titans Ventures First Airdrop Campaign

Orbit Meta
2 min readDec 12, 2021

Obit Metaverse collaborated with Titans Ventures — Vietnam’s top Incubator for leading Blockchain projects, to celebrate the first Airdrop Campaign to reward all users with Orbit token.

Orbit Metaverse is a role-playing game for treasure hunters and archaeologists to embark on an adventurous journey to find a treasure as well as discover more about the once-famous civilizations of mankind. The game is built on the platform of BSC. In-game items are encrypted in NFT format to facilitate P2P peer-to-peer transactions and serve the Play to Earn (P2E) mechanism.

Orbit Metaverse has such simple but very attractive gameplay that is suitable for all ages, and the game also requires players to brainstorm to hunt a lot of valuable treasures.

A. Rewards: total $5,000 in Orbit token for 175 winners.

50 Top Referral winners receive a reward of $50 OBM Tokens; 125 Random winners receive a reward of $25 OBM Tokens.

After the IDO 7 days, 100% of the Orbit token will be distributed to airdrop winners.

Orbit token ($OBM) is the governance token of Orbit Metaverse, issued on Binance Smart Chain with some use cases: Play for coins (P2E) and events, pay to mint NFTs, and play. Players can also earn OBM by participating in other ecosystem platforms to increase OBM.

B. Duration: 12PM UTC Dec 12th — 12PM UTC Dec 20th, 2021.

C. Rules to participate in the Airdrop Campaign:

  1. Visit Orbit Metaverse website (+5)
  2. Join Orbit Metaverse Telegram Group (+5)
  3. Subscribe Orbit Metaverse Channel (+5)
  4. Follow Orbit Metaverse Twitter (+5)
  5. Like, retweet our Twitter pinned post (+5)
  6. Join Orbit Metaverse Discord (+5)
  7. Enter your BEP-20 compatible wallet address (+5)

D. Select the winners

  • Orbit Metaverse has the full right to disqualify any participant who doesn’t follow the rules.
  • Our final result of the event will be deemed final and can not be changed in any circumstance.
  • To be elligible to participate in this event, you must agree to abide by all of these rules.

About Titans Ventures — Orbit Metaverse partnership

Orbit Metaverse has introduced Titans Ventures as an official advisor. This is an important new step for both communities and will accelerate the growth of the Orbit Metaverse, drawing players to a whole new GameFi paradigm and a true Metaverse.

It is hoped that with Titans Ventures’ solid community foundation, Orbit Metaverse will get closer to the community and give them a deeper understanding of the project’s promising long-term vision.

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Orbit Meta

is a role-playing game for hunters and archaeologists to embark on an adventurous journey to find treasure and discover more about mankind’s civilizations.