Titans Ventures joined as the first advisor of Orbit Metaverse

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2 min readDec 8, 2021


Orbit Metaverse is pleased to introduce Titans Ventures as an official advisor. This is an important new step for both communities and will accelerate the growth of the Orbit Metaverse, drawing players to a whole new GameFi paradigm and a true Metaverse.

About Titans Ventures
Titans Venture is the most influential pioneering investment fund in the Blockchain field in Vietnam, a perfect choice for any Blockchain project that wants to develop breakthroughs.
Titans Ventures has over 5 years of operation with over 300 successful projects in its portfolio. In particular, Titan Ventures has 10 communities with over 200,000 members worldwide. They offer diverse channels such as Twitter with over 50,000 followers, Telegram with over 50,000 members globally.

About Orbit Metaverse
Orbit Metaverse is a diverse game ecosystem built on Blockchain with a new development direction of Create-to-Earn, where players can travel back to ancient civilizations and then open a time portal to the future in 3013. In Orbit Metaverse, players will have multiple sources of income from overcoming in-game challenges, creating NFTs and selling them, or becoming a game publisher and getting revenue sharing back.

Moreover, with the VR/AR integration roadmap, Orbit Metaverse will build a more perfect metaverse when creating a first-person perspective. This provides the most authentic experience for participants as they can spend a lot of time in a digital world while maintaining social interaction.

It is hoped that with Titans Ventures’ solid community foundation, Orbit Metaverse will get closer to the community and help them better understand the promising long-term vision of the project.

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