Why Orbit Metaverse? What is special about this visual technology game?

Orbit Meta
5 min readDec 17, 2021


While Blockchain-based Game NFTs and Metaverse emerged as a new phenomenon with huge potential for future development, Orbit Metaverse was invented with promises to make great breakthroughs in the development of the project as well as the gradual completion of the entire Ecosystem built by our developer day by day.

How can the project achieve that promising vision? What are the appealing features of the project that make us believe it will be competitive with other NFT games on the market?

1. Fascinating Game plot

At the beginning of the story, real-life went on as usual, until one day when Vincent — our main character returned home and opened the treasure chest, suddenly the god Odin appeared. Odin was the last remaining god of the Asgard civilization as well as one of the most powerful gods of the seven civilizations. He was the protector of the five space stones: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, which together formed an energy pentagram that aids the universe’s balance, flourishing, and development. The monster would be in peril if even one stone is lost, the planet would be turned, and whoever owned these five stones would decide the fate of the entire universe. Odin, sensing the danger, concealed them in five civilizations: Egypt, Atlantis, Maya, Indus, and Viking. But then something awful happened…

A new world with outstanding scientific and technical advances will bring a completely new experience to players. Accompanying the main character, players will have a chance to travel back to the ancient world with Odin, go to the five Orbit civilizations to collect five Orbit stones, opening the time portal to year 3013.

2. Attractive in-game rewards

In Orbit Metaverse, players will earn two main groups of items: Group of player support items and Group of items collected when playing rounds. All rewards are digitized as NFTs that can be bought and sold on the Marketplace.

• OBM token: Used for trading on Marketplace, fees for operations.

• Travel stone: Open civilization.

• Travel stone puzzle piece: Match 3 pieces of the same type to form 1 travel stone.

• NFT Item: Mine wagon, Hooks, Zippers,…

• NFT Item Fragment: Match 4 pieces of the same type to form NFT.

• Stone: Enhancement Stone, Elemental Stone.

• Pet: Support players in game rounds, gold bonus.

• Event items: Appears when there are main events, can be found in the map.

• Discovery items: Found while exploring different planets.

• Chests: Unlock NFT Item.

• Strengthening charms.

3. Gameplay features

PvE mechanism: Conquer the bosses available on different maps.

Play through island: Complete the islands in each map.

Ranking: A ranking for those who excel in each PvP match, the number of OBM tokens awarded are also divided by this ranking.

Clans: A small community among players, clans will have stats for ranking.

• Tournament: Tournament for members from Master rank and above to participate.

4. The value that Orbit Metaverse brings

4.1 Human civilization values

Orbit Metaverse is not simply a pure entertainment game, the idea when starting to build this project comes from the fact that nowadays when modern technology is developing, the excessive invasion of models Economic models led to ancient civilizations being gradually forgotten and no longer valued. This pushed us to create a project that could simulate and help participants relive civilizations, so that they are always preserved and preserved in a new and more relevant way to the era.

4.2 Cultural preservation

Orbit Metaverse is a series of game ecosystems that recreate 7 civilizations that are considered prosperous and set a milestone for the development of all humanity including: Anasazi, Egypt, Greece, Asgard, Viking, Atlantis. Instead of being constrained by geographical distance or financial ability, we offer participants easy access, they can explore and live together in that world from a very direct first-person perspective. by applying Blockchain technology and bringing them into the Metaverse. Thus civilizations will always exist in a new way unaffected by objective influences.

4.3 Creativity enhancement

We strive for the goal of not only a game experience and also aim to be a catalyst for creativity — endless human possibilities. Every creative idea here will be cherished and digitized as NFT, certified for ownership, and dedicated to the digital universe forever.

4.4 The value of integrating platforms

The perfect combination of GameFi and DeFi offers a more diverse experience but still ensures profits. With the Orbit project, players can play games to earn money, participate in Minting, Staking or Farming to increase profits. In addition to the Meta Space platform, it is possible to create your own world with NFT items, trade them on the Space Market. For programmers, there will be a separate platform to create games and a fair share of revenue.

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Orbit Meta

is a role-playing game for hunters and archaeologists to embark on an adventurous journey to find treasure and discover more about mankind’s civilizations.